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COMPASS Construction Marketing Seminars are designed to help you address growth and positioning issues in your firm. This is a tough economy, but there are tactics that will improve your competitive position and get you more business.

The seminars are packed full of strategies and tactics to improve bottom-line profitability, and are presented by two experienced construction marketing consultants, Ron McKenzie and Larry Silver, who have a track record of improving construction company's profitability.

Please Think About this ONE Point!
You Don't want YOUR Competition to know this!
There is more to growing a business than having the right pieces of the puzzle in place. There is one essential ingredient that is required. This will be discussed so that you will have a real advantage over your competition. We will provide examples of contractors that are doing well despite the economy, and also look at some who are not doing well. The difference is the missing ingredient. To find out more information is simple: SIGN UP for one of our LAS VEGAS CONSTRUCTION SEMINARS.
"If your lost in the forest, you use a Compass to get out. Let COMPASS Consultants help you."
"How to Win New Business"
Creating a “Competitive Advantage” is the focus of these seminars designed exclusively for the needs of CEOs and Presidents. The two-day seminar is designed to improve your operational performance and bottom-line profitability. You leave with a clear understanding of ways to improve your cash flow.
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Las Vegas, NV
Time and Location to Be Announced
"Seats Are Limited"

"This is the first seminar I have attended with real world, specfic action plans for the contracting community. I would not recommend this seminar to my competitors."
     Clark Thompson, El Cajon, CA