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Construction companies usually compete using the same sets of values, i.e., on-time, under budget, best design, best people, and expertise in a market niche, etc., but this is a losing situation, as every company says this. Companies need to create “competitive advantages,” so the prospect seeks you out well before your competition even knows about the project. This advantage must be marketed – sometimes in very subliminal ways.  A company must be perceived as offering something of value that the competition is not offering.  
As a consultant that is focused on ways for companies to differentiate themselves from their competition, one tactic is to develop something that cannot be easily duplicated. If you do it right, you'll get more leads and prospects, and you’ll frustrate your competitors. One way to do that is by writing a competitive advantage book.
It’s not as difficult as you may think, with my help, to create and publish your own Competitive Advantage book. For example, you might want to concentrate on explaining how construction services are delivered, and why construction management (or design/build, etc.) is a better solution, as it gives the owner more control over the budget. Or, you might want to talk about your expertise in a particular market niche. No matter what your area of experience, you can create a competitive advantage and write about it. Your company becomes the expert in your prospects eyes - after all, you wrote a book on the subject, and it's on Amazon and available at all book retailers.

Most construction companies don’t know how to write a book, and how to get it published. I bridge that gap by stepping in and taking care of the entire process. I, with input from you and your staff, author the book. I then take care of all of the details of publishing, making it available in the commercial book market. You purchase books at cost, and make them available to your clients and prospects. 

Your competitors are caught off guard, and have no idea as to how to duplicate the book. It will take them well over a year to figure it out, and most of them won’t even try. 
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"Faith Building" by Dale Reiser and Ronald A. McKenzie - A "How To" Guide for Designing and Building New and Expanded Ministry Facilities. The design and construction of a facility to be utilized in a ministry must start with prayer, followed by careful planning. A congregation's dreams are realized when a well-planned process of commitment and communication is executed properly.
7 Secrets
Draft Completed
"7 Secrets About Working with Public Boards" by Ronald A. McKenzie, is a Competitive Advantage Book that's all about working with School Boards, Park and Recreation and other municipal groups, who have the responsibility of hiring Architects, Contractors, Construction Managers, and others. This book will get you on the inside track.
Faith Building