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"MARKETING CONFIDENTIAL: 101 SECRETS TO INCREASE PROFITS IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY" by Ronald A. McKenzie, describes the essential tactic you need to know about marketing, business development, business planning and strategic planning specifically for Contractors, Subcontractors, Design/Builders, Construction Managers, Architects and Engineers. Because of inflation and other economic factors, a business must increase bottom-line numbers consistently, to remain in business and weather the ups and downs of the market. Marketing Confidential provides a wealth of information that can be used to assist you manage and build your business.
"BAROQUE MARKETING: IS YOUR MARKETING BROKE?" Marketing and Business Tactics to Get Your Construction or Design Business Back on Track and Increase Bottom-line Revenue, by Ronald A. McKenzie.This short and to the point book is intended to point you in the right direction. Develop a working Marketing, Business Development, Business Planning and Strategic Plan in construction business to increase bottom-line revenue. Specifically written for the contractors, sub-contractors, design/builders, construction managers, architects and engineers, Baroque Marketing allows you to immediately focus on where your business needs attention.
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"SCOTTY, EVERYONE'S BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT HERO" by Ronald A. McKenzieis a collection of 25 to 30 columns written for Construction Magazines that looks at design and construction from the eyes of a construction business developer. Currently in a column in the Ezine
Fall 2016 Publishing Date
Books to HELP Grow Your Business
Authors write, and I have a wide background of experience, both fiction and non-fiction. I have authored over 200 magazine articles in the last twenty-five years that have appeared in many construction magazines. One of these columns was the infamous These books present information that will help you market and grow your AEC business to better position your company.
"THE KING AND THE MOAT CONTRACTOR" by Ronald A. McKenzie is an on-going story that uses the construction industry as a platform to discuss strategy, business planning, and marketing, including business development. But the lessons applies to all businesses and industries, and to all who aspire to be the very best business leader, or, the best moat builder, or even King, if you have what it takes. The book is not a textbook, but is meant to get you to think about strategy and planning and marketing, as so often, textbooks miss the thinking part.