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Seminar Agenda 
A casual dinner for those that arrive early enough. Each person would pay for their own dinner and drinks.

The seminar is designed to provide you with working tools to grow your business. Each company is different, but the concepts are the same if you are serious about establishing positive cash flow, growing into new markets, expanding you geographic coverage and increasing profitability on each project.

The following will be discussed over the two-day period:

  • HOPE

In the afternoon of the second day Doug Reitmeyer from GC Experts will discuss the Federal Construction market, and how many contractors are learning how to profit with government contracts.

“Risk Management: 
The first priority for any chief executive is to keep the company thriving. This means balancing ambitious expansion efforts with the need to stay solvent and to maintain the company’s good name. It means dealing effectively with unanticipated market conditions. It means leading. It means managing.”
The exact location of the seminar has not yet been determined, and you will be sent information shortly after registration.
Other Seminar Details
One-On-One Consulting
There will be one-on-one consulting for those that wish to speak to Larry or Ron privately. We do this early in the morning and after the days seminar. Please sign up early. This is a chance to ask specific questions that you would like us to address about your business, and perhaps steps that you should be taking.

Phone Follow-Up
Also, you may wish for us to speak to you when you return to your office. Larry and I will contact you after the seminar by phone as a follow-up to make sure that you have received all of the information from us to help you grow.

There will also be a survey form, either provided at the seminar, or after the seminar to help us improve the content and presentations. Your participation is extremely important to us, and we look forward to your comments.

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For more detailed information on the AGENDA. CLICK the PDF symbol below: