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Ron McKenzie is president of COMPASS Consultants Corporation, a national strategic planning and marketing company helping contractors and subcontractors develop a positioning advantage, and provides management for construction industry peer groups that puts non-competing contractors together and facilitates their meetings with a focus on company growth. Ron is a registered architect in California with full NCARB registration, and writes the "King and the Moat Contractor" monthly column in "Metal Architecture Magazine" and contributes to other construction publications.
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Larry Silver is the Founder and Former Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Contractor Marketing Magazine
The Contractor Marketing Magazine became the Business Development Journal and Founder and Executive Director of the Contractor Business Development Association (CBDA) - which launched in May 1999 and subsequently sold. Larry is president of Contractor Marketing Inc., a National Marketing and Business Development Consulting firm, which helps contractors plan and implement marketing strategies, and provides executive search services. They are the only national firm who exclusively searches and recruits marketing, sales and business development executives for the construction industry.  
Frank Zubricki, President, Professional Drywall & Decorating - “Ron’s key attribute was the ability to provide an unbiased look at our operation from a business perspective. At a critical time in the growth of the company, Ron took a firm stance on developing a management team for the Chicago operation, and then he facilitated that team in identifying the issues and risks my division was facing. Then, responsibilities were assigned to my managers and the progress tracked over a five-year period. It allowed me, as president to have someone to bounce ideas off of that was not tied to the day-to-day operations. His intervention and taking on the responsibilities as over-seeing the business planning function freed up my time which I used to investigate programs that identified our true costs. Ron’s contribution was invaluable. If you want to grow your company, then use him. You won’t be sorry.”

Wes Reeder, CEO at Reeder General Contractors, Inc. - "Larry demonstrates the professional skills it takes to help his clients move their businesses forward. From business evaluation to marketing, messaging and strategic planning Larry has been and continues to be a valuable resource for our company. His knowlege of our industry and what works in the market have been critical to our growth. We have benefited enormously from his expertise and will continue to chart a course that would be unlikely without his participation. I would not only recommend Larry as a valuable resource but consider him a trusted partner and friend." 

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