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Seminar Content
The seminar content has been developed to challenge the participants by asking them tough questions about their business. As the seminar moves on, various concepts are developed, such as how to establish a "competitive advantage" and how to market with a small budget and still attract business.

The entire presentation is focused around developing "take away" material so everyone knows exactly what they're going to do when the get back to the office.
1.Business Planning - The foundation to the development of business tactics starts with planning. A business must have a Vision and a system to develop the essential road map to get to a desired destination. You must learn how to implement effective strategies that will get you to your goals. 

2.Financial Management -You must have a budget and an understanding of how you will meet your revenue goals, your overhead, gross profit, labor rates and systems that will help you keep track of your business processes. You also must develop and use a proforma financial forecast to establish benchmarks to be used as marketing, business development and operations goals. It is a key executive staff meeting document.

3.Marketing - This is what your business is all about. True success comes when you understand that you must always be marketing. Creating a “Competitive Advantage” is discussed at length. A business must have a constant flow of leads in order to charge more per hour, grow and become more profitable. That’s what marketing and business development is all about.

4.Building a Team - This is probably the most overlooked aspect of running a successful business. Ask yourself this question: What do I do? Answer: hire people and teach them the trade. You must get great people and empower them to help you grow your business and satisfy customers (better than you can). You must develop systems to recruit, hire and train people. Identify what they're good at, and let them do it.

5.Customer Service Strategy - Customer service should be scripted. If you write a script and practice it, you will get guaranteed results every time. You have to teach the script and get the whole team involved in the performance. 

6.Sales and Estimating - This is the cornerstone of profitability. Estimating is not a complicated or mysterious process. You must keep track of production rates and job costs for every job. You must be able to qualify customers, bond the project if required, and deal with price objections. You must track the volume of leads, where the lead came from, as well as the closing rate.   

7.Continuous Improvement - must develop systems that are reliable, repeatable and deliver a consistent profit. Develop formal implementation management and process improvement programs to ensure continued success. Imagine every system working together in total perfection. The true value of a business is not the assets, customer lists or even its people. The true value of a company is its systems. 

Bonus Presentation: 7 Keys to Federal Construction Profits by Federal Construction Consultant, Doug Reitmeyer. As a special bonus to this event, Doug will be delivering a unique presentation that will take you step by step through the “7 Keys to Federal Construction Profits” based on Doug's career of finding, bidding, negotiation and completing federal contracts.
The Seminar CORE Content
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