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As a resident of Las Vegas I provide a source for all the conventions and business meetings that come here throughout the year. I have spoken on business planning all across the United States to various kinds of companies besides architecture and construction.

I can save your company money. I'm literally 30 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. If you have a meeting where you need speakers, I can assist with a number of different topics. I can make a presentation that will save your members money and increase their profitability by developing a business planning mindset.  I can save your association or business group the normal travel expenses as well as meals and acommodations as I located right here in Las Vegas. Your only expense may be the handout material.
My presentations are based upon PowerPoint and are customized for your particular industry. All businesses, whether they are service oriented, or product oriented are faced with the same challenges when developing a plan.

I present a planning model that shows how strategic, business and marketing planning all work together toward the profitability of a company. I explain the planning process and take the group through different scenearios, including proforma financial projections.

This model is explained in detail, and I provide sample plans so they know where to start.

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"In business planning, it's the reviews you give yourself that matter."
Ron McKenzie