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Business Planning
Architects, contractors and product suppliers can gain a significant strategic advantage with planning that will impact the bottom line. 

​To understand the VALUE of Business Planning, CLICK on the photo and watch a scene from the movie Nightcrawler. It's the most concise description I have ever seen. Then call me.

The most important part of planning is never discussed by most consultants, and that is why is planning important. Why do some companies use the methodologies to manage their business, and others completely ignore the planning process?

Clearly, strategy drives marketing. 
The main reason why business planning works is hidden in the planning process. It is the process that is so important; as it is the process that is the secret embedded within business planning. It is the process that forces a company to examine all of the issues facing them, so they can develop strategy and tactics to accomplish their goals. 

All those that participate in the origination of the strategy take ownership of the plan that they will be responsible for implementing.  So, there are different levels of planning, some specific to long term strategies, and some addressing short term needs. But the secret is planning gives you the freedom to mover forward with confidence. It also provides a great deal of confidence to the employees particularly when they are participating in the process.
The one question I’m often asked, is: 
Where does a company start?  

My answer is: 
Where do you hurt? What part of your business needs attention? 

My methodology allows you to start anywhere so that critical areas are immediately addressed. If it is a marketing challenge to develop new prospects, then that’s where you should start. 
Also, an important concept to understand is there are different levels of planning.
FOR EXAMPLE, a completely viable market are Federal Projects. However, most will not entertain the idea of this market because they have heard to many scary stories of what has happened, not getting paid, etc. The reality if the situation is that the Federal Market is completely viable when on enters with the proper BUSINESS PLANS and COUNSEL in place. 

The answer is really understanding what planning can do for a company. Planning provides direction, but it does more than that; planning pulls everyone and everything together so that their is a universal direction in the company.

A PLAN allows one to compare they have been, to what is happening, to where they want to go. It might be driven by being positioned as an expert in a specific market niche or a service that you provide. The strategic plan is developed through conversations, as the management team is lead through a strategic process. The plan includes pro-forma financial statements projected from three-to-five years out, and an implementation plan of the activities that need to be accomplished.