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As a business planning consultant for over 22 years, I have a lot of ways I can help companies achieve the performance they deserve. Planning can increase cash flow, identify profitable projects, and help a company break into new market niches. It means expansion, growth and profitable business.

Although my business background is in the construction industry, I have worked with a variety of small and large businesses and have helped them achieve their growth objectives. Planning is planning; but what I offer goes far beyond what normal business consultants provide.

The reason is, business success does not happen because you have a plan; business success happens because of the process itself. I take a company through the necessary steps to build the plan from the inside out. If you don’t have company buy-in of the short and long term business objectives, the strategic and business planning effort is worthless. It is people that grow a business, not the owner – the owner provides the overall plan and vision.

As a local Las Vegas resident who has spoken at many conventions around the United States, and have conducted over 50 seminars, I’m in the unique position of being able to offer my services at a discount. If you retain me to speak at your group meeting, or conduct a workshop, you will not have to pay any travel expenses as well as hotel and meals. I’m literally 30 minutes from all of the Las Vegas hotels and convention centers.

I can customize a program that fits your needs. To get you started, some of the titles of the presentation I have made in the past are as follows.

  • 7 STEPS to Building a Better Business Plan
  • Marketing, Business Development and Social Media
  • Proposal Writing – How to Attract A Company to Your Services
  • The Business Plan Explained
  • The Reverse Business Plan to Solving Cash Flow Problems


When business planning is done correctly, there’s something magical that happens within a company. It’s the one essentially component that will make a company grow and become profitable. For more info, CLICK HERE.

For an explanation of the kind of plans your company should be thinking about, CLICK HERE.

Also, I encourage you to explore my web site as I have a lot of information that I can present in a variety of formats, from seminars and workshops to off-site retreats. CLICK HERE to get started.

Associations also need planning help. CLICK HERE for more information.