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How Do You Manage Yor Social Media?
Social Media presents a real dilemma to many companies in the construction industry. Some managers say it’s a FAD and it’s going to go away. (They said the same thing about CAD!) They say the time spent on Linkedin and Facebook is wasted, and forbid their employees from visiting these sites. Some companies have even prevented access to social networking sites on company computers. 
The problem is that Social Media is not going away, and is in fact still growing. Now it’s an integral part of marketing. 

The real question to ask is, how do I use it in my company without spending hours online trying to market it all happen.

The answer is one of perspective and looking at the big picture. 

There is an easy solution to the use of social media, and it starts with a plan that works with your overall marketing strategy. It's not costly or time consuming, and it puts you into the social media mix.

When one understands how the parts work together to get your message out, then it’s much easier to implement.
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