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Market Like The Wolf
Uh, Oh, I thought to myself. I was over a mile from my car and had traveled in on foot. My only thought was, I wondered how thick that ice really was?

When you think about marketing, think of the Wolf. 

Good marketing, like the wolf, is always there, half hidden, watching, and sniffing the wind for danger – like competitors invading your territory. Just like marketing, when necessary the wolf is prepared for fierce battle - defensive to protect their territory, or offensive to gain territory.

In marketing terms - to increase market share. Wolves travel in packs to work together to achieve a certain objective -- such as food so they can survive. They also defend themselves as a pack. So the next time you think about the wolf, think about your marketing program.

As I found out later, the wolf I saw that day had become seperated from the pack, and ended up there. How many companies become sperated from the mainstream of marketing and are so out of touch with the market, they have no chance to become competitive?
I was once standing quite alone on the frozen banks of the Yampa River high up in the Rocky Mountains not far from where I lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was January and it was cold -- about minus 20 degrees. A fresh powder snow had fallen during the night on the Western Slope and everything was white and frozen. The Aspen trees blended with the snow and there was no wind. It was absolutely still without any signs of life around the frozen river. As I watched the woods on the opposite bank I looked from one side to the other, and then stopped. I was looking dead on at a very large silver gray wolf.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking at you operation to see things you don't see. I met with a company recently at the Cosmopolitian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for a cup of coffee and to just talk. I soon started to see things that he never thought of. He was missing a larege part of his target market becasue of something he did not realize what was happening. It happens all the time.

I can help you forw your business. I can help you, just like that wolf that was watching me before I even saw it. 
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"You must be strategically well positioned, like the territory of a wolf. You must work at a team, like a wolf pack, and you must have back-up plans after back-up plans, like a defensive wolf."
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