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Press Releases
A press release strategy is about reminding potential target markets that your company can help prospects, allies and clients with a variety of solutions. However, a good press release program goes far beyond what people normally think it’s all about. Most treat it as something you have to do, or probably should do, because everyone else does it. 

A well-orchestrated press release program is built upon the cornerstone of subliminal messages that trigger the reader to think, “We need to be working with this firm, as they’re doing some things that can help us solve some problems.” The real message of what you’re communicating is between the lines; it’s what people think when they’re reading it. 

The second strategy is you just don’t send it to the press, you send it to all the people that can directly or indirectly impact somebody to refer your services. Thus, prospects, allies and clients is your target press release audience. 
COMPASS Consultants' Press Releases
The third strategy is to start to link each and every release to your social media engine you currently have, or wish to develop. These can include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs and others. I can assist in developing a social media program if there is a need.

Success with press release programs is proven to be more effective if there is consistency over a long period of time. Several press releases doesn’t have the impact compared to a well rounded program. However, it doesn’t have to be exactly once a month, but it should be every three to five weeks on a regular basis.

The methodology is to build a “press release process” so it does not become an effort each and every time. Once the process is implemented and learned, the press releases can go out on a regular basis without affecting the workload of individuals. It becomes part of your company’s routine, as opposed to always trying to find time to get it done.
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