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Ron McKenzie and Larry Silver have once again have joined together to provide general contractors the opportunity to develop competitive strategies that will separate them firm from their competition. Together they have conducted over forty Contractor Marketing Seminars in over twenty-five locations throughout the United States. They are now launching BD PEER Groups to help general contractors and construction managers compete more effectively in today's challenging market. 
Companies often struggle with the same issues year after year. Everyone would love to sit down with their competitor to ask them about how they solve different issues on a whole variety of topics - but of course, they can't. So, why not sit down with contractors you would compete with, that are located out of your market area, and exchange best practices with them?

Peer groups are all about exchanging best practices in a private, non-threatening and non-competitive environment, and work at addressing issues confronting your business. Someone else has probably had the same problem, and that's when the peer group dynamics start to happen. There is accountability as everyone leaves each meeting with a TO DO list to accomplish. Your group members are going to be asking you how you did at the next meeting. It’s the best Board of Directors ever. 

Both Ron and Larry are published authors and are sought-after speaker for various associations such as the DBIA, AGC, ABC, IEC, IASBO Construction and Planning Committee, and PDCA and many others.

If a company is to grow, the very best tactic that can be employed is to learn "with and from" your would be competitors in other states and share best practices.
BD PEER Group Membership is Limited.
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