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There are many steps involved in developing a presence in the Federal Market. But there are two points that are critical at the beginning of the process.
Federal Market Business Planning
You must understand that business plans and other positioning papers are required to enter the Federal Market.

Some of the probable business plans are as follows:

• Business Plan as to your company's approach and capabilities
• Technical Assistance Plans
• Subcontractor Plans
• Prime Contractor Plans
• Responses to RFQ's and RFP's

There are others, but you get the idea that plans are a part of the Federal Process.

The important point here is to understand that these plans must reflect your core competencies and understanding of the Federal Process. If they don't convey this with the first few sentences, you will be eliminated.

As a business planner with a wide range of experience, and as a Team Member with Mark Pacino,
 I am part of the process that can help you WIN Federal Projects.

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It goes deeper, one must work with someone who is actually going to become a team member and help your company. They will help you set into motion a series of steps for entering the Federal market. This includes scheduling "joint" capabilities presentations with Federal Contracting Officers with your Teaming Partners and by developing "face time" with these directorates. 

I am a Team Member with Marc Pacino of Ambiente Federal Consulting who is a unquestionably the best Federal Consultant in the industry. For more Information, Click on the BUTTON below:
You must work with COUNSEL who completely understands the Federal Market and how it works and how to win projects.